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  • Solar Water Heaters deliver the highest number of watts per dollar spent. Solar water heaters are your best investment toward solar energy

    Sun Spot Solar Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors
    Solar Hot Water Heating From Inside The Attic

    Solar Hot Water Heater, Heating

    Turbonics Inc. When it comes to heat-TURBONICS has been providing it for 30years! Since 1985 TURBONICS has had test data on our competitors at that time showing that our 4/5 TOESTER delivered approximately the same BTUH output as everyone else's 8,500 BTUH unit, and almost double our competitors' 4,000 BTUH units. The same test results show TURBONICS 11/13 TOESTER delivered approximately 2 to 3 times our competitor's 8,500 BTUH units!. Click Below To See All Products From TURBONICS

    Solar Panels Nevada

    Solar Panels Store Nevada

    Nevada Commission
    on Tourism
    The Nevada commission on Tourism has contracted to have their visitor centers be powered by our hybrid (solar and wind) electrical systems. You will easily see the quality of our installation and products.


    The industry's widest selection of solar, wind and hydroelectric systems, parts and components

    Solar Panels

    Power from Sun, Wind and Water
    Catalog in PDF format

    Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, Wind Generators

    The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) converts wind energy to electrical power. The VAWT is an omni-directional low wind-speed generator that may be easily installed practically anywhere with good wind exposure. This silent generator may be painted to aesthetically blend into its surrounding environment. The VAWT is seen as a solid object as the rotational speed increases, making it visible to birds. Luminous strips may be installed for night detection. The VAWG has a 3-phase A.C electrical power connection and 3-phase rectifier. The system includes a 60 Amp Load Diversion Controller.

    Read More Information Here

    Wind Generators
    Electric power from a wind generator is an excellent complement for a solar system. A quiet and attractive source of electric power.

    Wind Turbines NevadaWind Turbines Nevada

    Bergy WindPower Is America's Most Popular Residential & Small Business Wind Turbines. To view product line Click On Bergy Logo Above.

    Solar Electric Panels

    Solar Panels Nevada

    Fast Access to Product Details
    BP Solar offers a full range of solar products including solar modules or panels and laminates. To view product line Click On bp Solar Logo Above.

    Enjoy your pool with
    solar pool heating

    Solar Pool Heating

    Solar Electric Systems
    Take Advantage Of The
    Nevada Power Solar Electricity Rebate
    Find solutions to high electric bills and brownouts while benefiting the environment.

    Electric Bike Kit

    Electric Bikes & Quadricycles Click Above Here!

    Electric Bike Kit

    Click On Wheel to add electric power to a bike you already own.
    * Quiet, non-polluting, economical and convenient.
    * Easy to assemble; portable batteries are easy to recharge.

    Electric Car Conversion Kits And Electric Car Conversion Components Parts

    Solar Panels NevadaSolar Panels Nevada

    Click On Vehicles Above For More Info: On electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle conversion kits, a full line of EV conversion components including, motors, controllers, batteries, battery chargers and we specialize in classic VW based vehicles, we also can provide kits and custom adapter plates for just about any vehicle needed.

    Electric Motors AC/DC, Couplings, Vector Controllers. Generators, Invertvers

    Marathon Electric Motors NevadaMarathon Electric Online Catalog Click Here

    OK Solar Solar Lighting and the New Solar LED Lighting
    All components needed for installation are included (except for the mounting pole). The systems are designed for installation onto a wood, concrete, or metal mounting pole. You may choose to use your own pole or we can quote the poles separately from the lighting system itself.

    REFLEKTOR Hi-Reflectivity UV Paint

    Hi-Reflectivity UV Paint

    *provides high solar reflectivity
    * cuts energy costs
    * reduces maintenance
    * protects the roof membrane
    * increases the life of the roof
    * stabilizes the ballast
    * reduces the urban heat island effect

     Solar Window Film tame the desert sun by blocking solar radiation, ultra violet light, and harsh glare

     Solar Window Screen blocks up to 90% of the sun's heat and glare.

     Radiant Barrier Coating that applies like paint. Save up to 33% on your energy bill.

    Solar Lighting Products And Special New Energy Saving Lighting Products

    Advanced Daylighting
    A skylight that actually tracks the sun t hroughout the day.


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