Inverters and Batteries provide peak shaving ability as well as peace of mind knowing your family or business is protected from power interruptions.

These days you just can't run much without power. If you're worried about unreliable power delivery or your plan is to reduce your monthly bill by eliminating power use during the expensive peak hours, you should consider investing in our Backup / Peak Shaving System.

How does a backup system work?
When utility power is on, your inverter/charger automatically keeps your batteries fully charged and ready to go. When power fails, your inverter unit instantly switches from charger to inverter to provide silent electricity to essential loads such as refrigerators, computers, lights, and phone systems.

How fast is the transfer from grid to battery?
Sinewave inverters are a great choice for backup power. The speed of the internal transfer from charger to inverter is so fast that most computers will stay running during the changeover.

When using backup is there a noticeable difference in power?
The sine wave output of SW-series inverters ensures that when you switch power source from grid to battery, you will notice no differences from public power.

Can I add solar modules to my backup system?
You can add solar modules or any other other renewable charging source to your system and actually send excess power back to your utility company (where permitted).

What is "Peak Shaving"?
Peak shaving is a backup system which will take your home/business off the grid every day during peak hours. It will run your entire load including the air conditioner. With peak rates in effect, your backup/peak shaving system can actually pay for itself.

How does it work?
Our backup system is simple and reliable and consists of just two main components: the Battery Bank and the Inverter(s). You will be charging your battery bank during the night (off peak) and you will be running your entire home/business during the daytime (on peak) with electricity stored in your battery bank. You will never need to use the expensive "peak rate" electricity.

How long will it last?
The batteries included in your backup system should last 25 years and the solid state inverters, indefinitely.



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