What is PV(photovoltaic) and what is a MyGen system?
A PV system is a solar electric system. PV systems produce electricity from sunlight. MyGen systems convert sunlight into utility-quality AC power that can be used by a residence or business, or automatically sold back to the electric utility company.

What does a MyGen system do for me?
A MyGen system gives you security of price once you have purchased and installed your system. For the portion of the electricity your MyGen system provides, you will not have any price increases for the life of the system because the source of your system's energy is the sun.

A MyGen system provides you with completely clean electricity unlike the electricity that is produced from conventional energy sources such as coal, gas, oil and nuclear powered sources. Each of those sources produces greenhouse gases or radioactive waste, which no one has been able to dispose of.

Purchase of a MyGen system also represents a contribution to your community in helping relieve the local utility of the burden of adding more power plants. It shows you are helping provide solutions to environmental pollution while offsetting the need to build more power plants.

How do I know a MyGen system will work at my home?
If you own your home and if your roof or some other area on your property has a southern exposure that is unshaded from approximately 9 or 9:30 a.m. until 4 or 4:30 p.m., then a MyGen system will work for you.

Do I have to have batteries to store the electricity for nighttime use?
Our system has solar modules and an inverter but no batteries. Adding batteries to your system would mean no blackouts at your house if a power interruption takes place.

How much does a system cost to run?
Unlike most conventional power sources, once you install a system there are no additional fuel costs. It just keeps on working. Every day the sun comes up, you're generating your own "free" electricity. No one can raise the price of sunlight! And it's the cleanest, most reliable source of energy on earth.

What does "net metering" or "turn the meter back" mean?
When your system generates more electricity than you're consuming, your electric meter will actually spin backwards. Some states have laws that enable you to "sell" electricity back to the power company at the same rate it charges you. This allows you to reduce your power bill and drive it toward zero.

What about my electric utility? How do they fit into this?
During the day, in the off peak months like April and October, your solar modules will be producing excess power and your meter will spin in reverse. During the peak months, in the middle of the air conditioning season, your net Meter system will be producing less than you're consuming and you will use some power from the grid.

Many States now have passed Net Metering Laws. This means that you can now invest in a solar electric system directly connected to the grid (power lines) which can actually spin your meter backwards.

But since most power companies are not required to purchase your excess solar electric power, our company does not recommend producing more than you use on an annual basis. The power company is happy to annualize your bill, or provide you with 12 equal payments for all the power you consume over the course of one year. Sizing your Net Meter system to produce that same amount means that you will wind up with no electricity bill at all.

How long will it last?
Because there are no moving parts, there's little to break down. These systems last a long, long time. The solar modules themselves are warranted for 25 years. They're built to handle just about anything life can dish out.



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