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Product Description
Cerama-Tech is classified as a radiant control coating, ASTM C1483. This product is a liquid applied ceramic coating for all interior and exterior vertical surfaces, as well as roofing surfaces, wet areas, HVAC equipment, ductwork, and miscellaneous applications.

Abuse Resistant
Cerama-Tech cures to a su per hard finish that will remain impervious to outside elements and atmospheric conditions.

Fade Resistant
Weatherometer tests have shown that durability, color retention, grain crack resistance and film integrity are all excellent.

Mildew Resistant
Cerama-Tech does not trap moisture. This feature combined with a long term mildewcide give the coating a chemical composition that does not contribute to the growth of mildew.

Fire Retardant
Cerama-Tech substantially exceeds Standard Building Code requirements of Type 1 and Class A materials. The State of Nevada has certified it as a fire retardant, Type 1 and Class A.

Asbestos Encapsulant
Cerama-Tech exceeds the EPA requirements as an Acceptable Encapsulant for asbestos.

Working on the principal of Reflectability and Emissivity, Cerama-Tech creates a reflective barrier, that has significantly reduced energy consumption, for cooling, by over 51% and has also reduced heating requirements.

Environmentally Friendly
Cerama-Tech is a water-based acrylic that emits low odor and complies with the strictest Federal and local VOC regulations.

The elongation breakpoint is from 300% to 500%.

Cerama-Tech applies like paint by conventional methods, by either spray, roller, or brush, and conforms to existing textures and substrates. Moderate cost when comparing cost per container, Cerama-Tech is more expensive than regular paint, Initial cost labor, life of material, maintenance, and energy savings should be considered to properly determine cost per square foot.

Cerama-Tech is not damaged by water, detergent, bleach, or most cleaning agents such as SimpleGreen or Now. Most dirt, light scuffs, crayon or pencil marks, lipstick, blood, urine, coffee, tea, and most other types of coverings can be removed with a scrub brush and most commercial cleaning agents.

Technical Service
Cerama-Tech is applied by factory trained and approved applicators. A technical representative is available during each project to provide assistance and training.

15 year limited against chipping, flaking and peeling in compliance with conditions appearing in the factory warranty.


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