Enjoy Your Pool With THERMAL-BIND™ Solar Pool Heating

Turn your backyard into a family fun center. A warm pool means more frequent use, enjoyment and exercise for your family. A warm pool will bring hours of fun each day rather than a shivering few minutes with an occasional dip in a cool pool. and with solar, you're protected from rising utility rates and that means that you will go right on enjoying a warm heated pool no matter how high fuel prices climb. Solar heating is applicable for all areas of the country. Throughout the U.S. solar swimming pool heating has accounted for more solar collectors installed than all other solar applications combined.

The Environment..

These days we no longer take our air quality for granted. Your investment in a THERMAL-BIND™ system is a clear demonstration to your neighbors and community of your commitment to maintain the health of the Environment and our quality of life.

Product Reliability...

THERMAL-BIND™ is designed to assure that all components will substantially surpass the 15 year limited warranty. Years of ongoing field and laboratory testing have resulted in a materials breakthrough assuring maximum protection against ultra-violet radiation and elevated temperatures, as well as against internal chemical and material build up.


starts with the reputation and credibility of both the manufacturer and his local representative. A check of industry trade associations and journals will provide the assurance you will need to include THERMAL-BIND™ in your plans. The limited 15 year warranty provides limited protection during the entire 15 years.
(please refer to the 15 year limited warranty.)

THERMAL-BIND™ is the original all tube flexible pool collector and sets a record for efficiency.

The "Fully Wetted Surface" design mated with the flexible format, makes all others obsolete!





THERMAL-BIND™ Distributors...

are solar heating specialists. They have been carefully selected and trained to provide you with a range of services from the free feasibility study to the installation and startup of your system. For more information about the solar feasibility study, the thermal analysis, detailed specifications, call the Free Energy Store, your authorized THERMAL-BIND™ distributor.

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