All solar swimming pool heating systems which have been certified by an independent testing laboratory have a performance rating. Our pool systems have the highest rating of any solar pool heater made in the USA, and our custom system is installed with no holes in your roof.

What would it cost to heat my pool using gas?
If you were to heat your pool to the same temperatures solar will provide, you would spend approximately $5.00 per square foot of surface area of the pool per year. If your pool was 500 sq. ft. for example, you would spend $2,500.00 per year to heat with gas.

What would it cost to heat my pool using a solar system?
A solar pool system can provide up to 8 months of comfortable temperatu res and cost nothing to run since the filter pump must circulate the pool water anyway.

Can I install a system into my existing pool?
Yes, whether you already own a pool or are purchasing a new pool, a solar swimming pool system can work for you.

Will a solar system make my roof look cluttered?
The solar system is attractive, especially on tile. The flexible format of the solar collectors means that it will conform to any roof style... go up and down valleys and up and over hip ends too. The effect of a tile roof is retained because each tile edge will still be plainly visible and on a custom installation, the collectors can be color coordinated to match any tile roof.

How big will my system be?
Your system will by sized for approximately 80% coverage of the pool surface area. So if your pool was 500 sq. ft., your solar system would be 400 sq. ft. of solar collectors.

Do you install commercial pool solar systems?
Yes, our custom solar pool system is the clear choice for commercial installations. On a flat roof, the collectors can be made as long as 200 ft. and require no bolt holes in the roof.

Can I use my pool system to heat the hot water in my home?
No. Your domestic hot water uses a separate solar heating system. In your home, water temperatures exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a pool system would not be efficient.

What about maintenance?
The Free Energy Store's solar system has been designed to be virtually maintenance free with the exception that the pipes need to be drained of water before freezing weather. You should winterize in Las Vegas around mid November and turn it back on about mid February. If you require service for any reason, just call our office. We generally can schedule you for the next day but always within three day


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